Feel confident eating, calm inside, & ultimately satisfied.

Let’s get clear on the foods your body loves so you have the energy to live your best life.

Hey, I'm Molly

Dietitian & Intuitive Eating Counsellor

I support people who struggle with gut health and dieting issues to navigate food intolerances and heal their relationship with food so they can feel calm inside, confident with food choices and ultimately, satisfied.


I am here to guide and empower you to live and eat in a way that frees you from gut symptoms and ‘diet culture’ and truly nourishes your wellbeing.


Let’s find a time to jump on a quick call and see if my experience can support your experience.

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"Nourishing your physical, mental & social wellbeing"

What I do

I’ll guide and support you to love the foods that love you back. Work with me via phone or videoconference.

  • gut health

    Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Constipation, Coeliac Disease, Diverticulitis, Reflux and more

  • Nutrition Therapy

    Navigate Anti-inflammatory Nutrition, The Gluten Free Diet, The Low FODMAP Diet, Food Chemical Sensitivities, Fibre Modification, Prebiotics & Probiotics to suit your lifestyle

  • Intuitive Eating

    Overcome binge eating and yoyo dieting, reconnect with hunger and fullness cues, and feel empowered to find satisfaction in eating!

I turn complex nutrition science into simple, personalised strategies that you can integrate into your busy life

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